SOME was founded in 2006 by 2 Belgian designers with an eye for perfection and a passion for furniture. In 2011 the PR Interiors Group acquired the Belgian brand to introduce a new product range for Outdoor use and to expand their target audience.

SOME consists of a selection of high-end modern furniture designs in aluminum and stainless steel.

In 2013 the brand JP ROGERS was launched in the Outdoor range of PR-Interiors Group. The unique designs and the colorful collections make this brand very requested in both projects and home use.

The PR-Interiors Group

PR Interiors is an international group that originated in 2005 from the cooperation between Belgian and Chinese partners. The Belgian partners brought in their 50 years of experience in European home decoration and interior design while the Chinese partners provided their many years of experience in the production of wooden furniture and upholstery.

In its 9 years of existence PR has been continuously growing to become a truly global player and is proud today to be the supplier of many wholesale and retail businesses across all continents of the world. The PR collection is already present in more than 50 different countries.